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Tile Mosaics

A beautiful mosaic can be created by using different types of natural stone tiles. This is something that the people in the UKs capital have found out, at least judging from the sales of mosaic tiles london. Buying different types of natural stone tiles from which to make a mosaic, even as only a border to an area covered in just one type of tile is a trend which is spreading out of the capital to the rest of country. Fortunately for those that live outside the capital, even though the tile manufacturers are based in London, they can still acquire next day delivery when ordering. This is made possible by the fact that many of the tile manufacturers, although based in London, own quarries around the country from which they cut their own tiles. There is little doubt that tiles made from natural stone such as marble, travertine and limestone can look impressive as, due to them being cut from solid stone, each tile has its own unique design. Even though no two natural stone tiles will look the same, it is possible for them to have a completely different look by changing the type of cut which is used.

Although these stones are very durable, some of them can have a one disadvantage over some of the others. For example, the travertine tiles are apt to be a little porous and so before they are used, they will need to be properly treated. Marble tiles on the other hand, although completely water proof and so not need to be treated in any way, are prone to being stained. Many products which are used in the kitchen may stain marble tiles, like tomato or butter products, coffee, tea, vinegar or alcohol and so second thoughts may want to be given to using marble tiles as a counter top in a kitchen, although instead, you could just take precautions to try and avoid spills of any kind. Despite some natural stone tiles having some drawbacks, they are still very impressive looking and creating a mosaic with them is even more impressive. Some people, although they may use one particular type of tile for one area, make a surrounding border with a mosaic of different types.

Although tiles have been known to have been in use since 4000BC, it is only in the last century that they have been in everyday use in any home as, in ancient times and right up to around the 1950s, they were only used in important buildings or in some of the homes of the wealthy. In the middle ages, Italy appeared as the leading tile maker in the world and still today, with its over 300 tile factories in just one town in the Emilia-Romagna region, is considered the leader in new tile designs. Although Italy may be the leader in the design of new tiles, today it is perhaps hardly surprizing that China, which has the largest population of any country, makes and uses the most tiles.

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