Keeping A Pond Fresh

In order for a pond to keep fresh, the water in that pond must receive adequate oxygen so that it doesn’t form layers. If a pond is not receiving enough oxygen, the water at the top which is able to interact with the air will remain oxygenated whilst the water at the bottom does not, encouraging the growth of algae which can eventually make the pond become unsightly and smelly. As the bottom layer grows, the fish in the upper layer will start to die and the pond can be considered unhealthy. To keep a pond supplied with enough oxygen a system has to be added which provides for adequate pond aeration. These pond aeration systems come in several varieties depending on the depth of the pond to be aerated. For ponds which are less than 6 feet in depth, a surface aeration system may be used whilst ponds of a deeper depth need a diffused aeration system in order to be fully effective. One of the popular aeration systems for shallower ponds is a fountain as, although it can be impressive and add to the overall beauty of any garden, a fountain also serves a useful purpose by aerating the water. Because a fountain will toss water into the air, that water is able to interact with the air and thereby become oxygenated, keeping the pond fresh looking and healthy. Another popular surface aeration system is one that uses propellers and this works by churning up the water allowing it to interact with the air that way. Diffusion systems work by releasing air at the bottom of the pond and that air oxygenates the water as it travels to the surface. The diffusion system will consist of an air hose which links the compressor to the diffuser unit. The compressor cannot be submerged in water and so usually sits to the side of the pond, where it is dry whilst the diffuser itself, is located at the bottom of the pond, allowing all the water in the pond to be oxygenated.

Some people that have ponds, have ponds which are located far from any mains supply which could provide the systems with the power they need to operate correctly but, the manufacturers of the aeration systems are aware of this and so make some of their aeration kits complete with windmills. As the windmills turn they provide enough power to operate that particular aeration system. Others manufacturers often include solar kits with their aeration systems to allow power to be obtained that way. If you need an alternative source of power like this or, just want to avoid receiving a higher electricity bill due to your aeration system, you can shop around for a system which has its independent power source but when doing so, don’t forget to get the correct system for the depth of your pond. If left with no aeration at all, the pond will soon start to give off distasteful odours and become an eyesore instead of a thing of beauty.


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